Dance films

Galaxy (2016)

Dance performance in a design installation.
Filming and performance during the Designers’ Days 2014 at the CND in Pantin (France).

Performance & Video editing : Camille Desmarest
“Galaxie” Installation : Collectif Dito
Camera : Antoine Morise
Music : Mathieu ‘Captain’ Simard

We Couldn’t sleep so we made that (2015)

by Camille Desmarest & Mathieu ‘Captain’ Simard

On this very Friday evening of November 13th 2015, when the Bataclan events happened in Paris, it was impossible not to do anything related to this, so we did that while the radio, TV, web and social medias were monopolised by the breaking news.
Looking through my archives, I found this footage from 2011 which we found relevant to use on this occasion, alongside with an audio creation by Captain Simard which mixed original music and extracts from the radio broadcasts we could hear on this special night.

The film was eventually uploaded at 4am.

The following morning we went out in spite of the medias warnings, which we found were creating fear and isolation, whereas all that was needed was to share a sense of community, collective support and togetherness.

Performance : Camille Desmarest
Sound creation : Captain Simard
Camera : Eleni Sophocleous (Project  “Shadow and Spaces” for the MA Interior & Spatial design)



Ode (2014)

Collaboration with Captain Simard (lyrics, music and video editing).
Footages from the dance performance at the Big Red – London. May 2013
Paintings: Y.Khan