The studio work Alumen is devised in December 2010 as a choreographic response to Untitled (Living Sculpture) created by Marisa Merz in 1966 and exhibited at the Tate Modern – London.

The soundtrack is inspired by the potential movements of the sculpture is it was moving.




Pictures of the work taken by C.Desmarest in October 2010



“She created [the work] both for her own house and as a gallery installation. It was made from thin strips of shiny aluminium, clipped together and suspended from the ceiling to form great coiled and spiralling forms, inviting us to explore the relationship between material and space.”
Excerpts from the Tate documentation.



“Thin plates of aluminium are stapled together and hung from the ceiling in fluid, swirling patterns. The original version of this sculpture was made and installed by Merz in her home in Turin, and it was later included in her first exhibition. As the title Living Sculpture implies, the construction developped by stages, generating an organic process of growth reminiscent of vegetation or geological forms.” (idem)


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