Orange Variation on a Dystopian Dream

Poster ‘Espace Culturel La Bergerie rencontre l’Azin’ – September 11th 2015



Footage of the performance at the Macocco Factory – Nangis:

Choreography & Performance: Camille Desmarest
Commissionned by Espace Culturel Nangis (Marion Geoffroy).

Keyboard Sonata in A major, Wq65/32, H135: Andante con tenerezza by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Filming & editing : Mathieu Simard
Thanks to Sylvian Fournier and Jean Guizerix.



Photographs from the five performances at La Bergerie
Espace Culturel Nangis on September 24th 2015:

Pictures: Mathieu Simard

Loosely inspired by the factory environment, the work concerns its transference into a theatre space. The piece being about displacement, I am interested in making it alive in different contexts.

The term ‘variation’ in the title echoes both CPE Bach’s characteristic way of writing music with recurring motifs and the choreographic score which has been devised in dialogue with it.

It deals with the idea of loss, under different aspects: people, places, memories. Taking it outside of its space of emergence is a strand of spatial loss, in which the pieces of clothing are the only visible elements remaining from the original context.

As an example of shifting, the costume worn on stage is a work uniform from the factory, where the orange top is made out of the trousers and the bottom cloth is an actual jacket.

The question of how content can be carried, whether through material, movement or space is core to the choreographic process.

Backstage photographs of the work in progress: